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ETAP 16 

ETAP 16 Model-Driven Power System Design & Operations Software expands on immersive system modeling and comprehensive simulation capabilities.


Multi-Language Edition - Localized


User-Defined Dynamic Models - UDM


  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Italian*
  • Turkish*

  IEEE 421.5 Exciters

»  IEEE 421.5 PSS, UEL and OEL

» WECC Approved Exciters and Governors

Cable Capacity Sizing - IEC 60092

  • Size Power Cables based on IEC 60092 Electrical Installation in Ships & Marine Vessels
  • Line Conductor Sizing
  • Consider Short-Time Duty
  • Selectable Annex B for General Installations
  • Enhanced Reports and Cable Manager


  • New Intelligent Device Settings Datablock
  • Auto-update Device Functions & Settings
  • Export One-Lines and Datablocks to AutoCAD™ (DXF) Drawing Files


System Elements


  • Motor Operated Valve Dynamic Voltage Limits
  • Enhanced Overhead Line Impedance Calculations
  • Enhanced IEC Fuse Ratings



Short Circuit


  • Export Short Circuit Analyzer Results to MS Excel
  • User-Defined Fuse Test PF and X/R for Short-Circuit Duty Evaluation


» Energy Storage Models

  • Math functions with Multiple Inputs
  • Go-To blocks for Internal and External Connections
  • C# Scripting using MIMO Function Blocks



Wind Turbine Generator


  • New Control Block Test Routines
  • New Complex Terminal Voltage Input Blocks
  • Complex Terminal Current Output Blocks


Transient Stability


  • Consider MOV Dynamic Voltage Limits
  • Enhanced Generator Excitation Systems



Expanded Engineering Libraries


•    Verified & Validated Libraries Included with Release

•    Download Verified Libraries from ETAP HelpDesk



Enhanced Modules


  • Data Exchange (DataX)
  • Underground Raceway Thermal Analysis
  • Dynamic Parameter Estimation & Tuning (DPET)



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