The B-Line series Cable Tray Manual 2014

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The B-Line series Cable Tray Manual

was produced by our technical staff. We recognize the need
for a complete cable tray reference source for electrical engineers and designers. The following 
pages address the 2014 National Electrical Code®   requirements for cable tray systems as well as 
design solutions from practical experience. The information has been organized for use as a 
reference guide for both those unfamiliar and those experienced with cable tray.

Nearly every aspect of cable tray design and installation has been explored for the use of the 
reader. If a topic has not been covered sufficiently to answer a specific question or if additional 
information is desired, contact the engineering department at B-Line. We sincerely hope you will 
find the Cable Tray Manual a helpful and informative addition to your technical library.


The information contained herein has been carefully checked for accuracy and is believed to be 
correct and current. No warranty, either expressed or implied, is made as to either its 
applicability to, or its compatibility with, specific requirements, of this information, nor for 
damages consequent to its use. All design characteristics, specifications, tolerances and similar 
information are subject
to change without notice.

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